Lashing Policies

Lashing Policies


◦ A no refundable deposit of $25 is required to book an appointment.

◦ Come prepared having washed your face beforehand.

◦ No phones during service

◦ Keep your eyes closed during service

◦ Do not bring any extra guests to your appointment

◦ Do not bring any children to your appointment.

◦ Once bottom lashes are taped/padded down. Avoid touching eyes or squinting when possible. I have a lash brush feel free to ask me to brush out the itch/discomfort

◦ Please do not be late for your appointment

◦ If you have to reschedule/cancel please let me know 12-24 hours in advance. *Repetitive rescheduling/canceling will result in the client no longer being able to book with me.

◦ If you find any part of your service to be unsatisfactory and would like it to be fixed. let me know within 3 days of your appointment. Anything after 3 days I will have to charge you, thanks for your understanding!